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January's consequences and the TOP 10 Pantone colors 2015

This article appears quite late in the month
due to those controlling affairs called
stock management and accountancy.
With the monthly arrival of new products
comes also a huge stock to process …
so my apologies.

The new spring-summer colors are out there and
a deep muted wine red, called marsala or
Pantone 18-1438, is the main color for 2015.
In general, all the new colors have a muted feeling
about them, even the bright shades.

Marsala opens the spectrum of warm colors, which are:

  • toasted almond, a neutral sandy beige
  • tangerine, a muted orange, warm and inviting
  • strawberry ice, a warm soft pink on the brink of cool

On the other side of the spectrum are the cool colors:

  • aquamarine, airy and dreamy
  • scuba blue, a more bright Mediterranean blue
  • classic blue, a strong marine blue
  • lucite green, an aqua green or light turquoise with a retro touch
  • custard, a greenish yellow
  • glacier gray, a neutral soft bluish gray

To conclude,

  • the spring color scheme of 2015 is mainly cool and rather muted
  • the spring-summer collection contains two strong colors: Marsala and classic blue
  • at weddings we will be wearing lots of strawberry ice and aquamarine colors.

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