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As usual, the color experts of the Pantone institute developed the colors for 2017 and the fashion designers selected their 10 favorites out of it.

Pantone colors 2017

The color of the year, a tangy spring green, is simply called “greenery”.

dune beads, green gemstones

The ten Pantone colors could be summarized as follows:

  • two greens: a bright “greenery” green and a darker grey-green “kale”
  • three blues: a light turquoise “island paradise”, a grey-blue “Niagara” and an deep “lapis” blue
  • two pinks: a subtle “pale dogwood” pink and a brighter “yarrow” pink
  • three warm colors: a vivid “primrose” honey yellow, an intense orange red “flame” and a neutral “hazelnut” beige rose.

As a result :

  • the cold tones, such as blue, grey-blue, violet blue and the variations of pink will dominate the scene. This inevitably will remember you the pastel colors of 2016. 
  • it should be noted that this time both the rich dark and the light tones will be present and 
  • it is very likely that the classic “Niagara” denim blue will overshadow “greenery”.

Dune beads and pantone 2017

With this you are ready to face Valentine and a colorful year.

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