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LEARN and CREATE – your Spring and Summer 2020 in Cyan - part 1

As an artist you have probably developed your own color scheme, one you feel comfortable working with. But as you are also part of the fashion industry, it would not harm you to refresh it every once in a while.

Each year Pantone offers 12 trendy colors and 4 neutrals and gives a clear indication of what will be high fashion with its color of the year. These colors are used during the London and New York Fashions Shows, but in different combinations and with different intensities.

The Pantone color of 2020 is Flame Scarlet, a shade of pink-red. The London Show used an even brighter variant (Fiery Red) of it though. Also overall, we could say that all shades of green-blue cyan, the complement of red, will find their way to your wardrobe.

Orange to red colors:

Pantone 2020 - orange to red colors

  • Flame Scarlet: will the pink-red color of red Coral, red Agate, red Carnelian or red Jade illuminate your confidence?
  • Orange peel: a medium light shade of orange you find back in red Aventurine, orange-red Striped Agate and Sunstone.
  • Coral pink: a comforting light shade of red-pink that makes you think of Rose Quartz, pink Sunstone and pink Opal.
  • Cinnamon Stick: a medium orange-red brown. Will Petrified Wood or red Pietersite be your match or are you going for Botswana Agate and Opal?

Yellow to green colors:

Pantone 2020 - yellow to green colors

  • Saffron: a warm amber to spice up your pink wardrobe that will brighten up golden brown tones. What will it be: Mookaite, Crazy Lace Agate, Red Creek Jasper or yellow Opal?
  • Biscay Green: a shade of light cyan-green (aqua) or light turquoise green that hints at Amazonite and African turquoise.
  • Chive: this medium dark yellow-green, for those who love a herbal touch, will complement all the golden tones. Bloodstone, Canadian Jade and Common Opal will become their favorites. At the London Show this deep shade was replaced by the much lighter Lemon Curry that leans towards olive yellow.
  • Sunlight: this shade is described as a pale yellow … but looks rather like a light golden brown or medium champagne color. A peachy yellow Sunstone or a Picture Jasper will certainly please you.

Blue colors:

Pantone 2020 - blue colors

  • Classic Blue: a shade of deep cyan-blue with a hint of evening red in it. The frosted color of Lapis Lazuli will englobe this.
  • Faded Denim: this comfortable lighter shade of cyan-blue could be represented by blue Aventurine and jeans blue sponge quartz.
  • Mosaic Blue: a medium shade of cyan-blue that will match well with browns and pinks. It is a blue that will make you think of electric blue Striped Agate and sky blue Crazy Lace Agate.
  • Grape Compote: this medium purple or muted shade of blue-magenta might make you reach for Amethyst, (Amethyst) Sage Agate, purple Striped Agate and indigo blue Spotted Jasper.

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LEARN and CREATE – your Spring and Summer 2020 in Cyan - part 2

CONTINUATION: your Spring and Summer 2020 in Cyan

The Classics:

Pantone 2020 - the classic colors

  • Lark: a low-key brown that fills the gap between warm and cold color schemes. Some of our Petrified Wood and Tiger Eye will contain this shade.
  • Navy Blazer: as the name suggests, a dark shade of blue that makes you think of Dumortierite, midnight blue Goldstone and Hematite.
  • Brilliant White: a crisp, light cyan-blue that leans towards silver gray ... for a bright festive touch.
  • Ash: a timeless, light-medium gray that works well with cyan-green, purple and pink colors. Grey gemstones such as Labradorite, gray Quartz, gray Agate and gray Moonstone will give you that edge.

Pantone spring-summer 2020 - London Show colors

As you may have noticed by now, Pantone has worked around a theme of red and cyan this year.

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