Suede Lace in Ultra Microfiber

Mixing fibers in your design is all the latest rage. Mix dune beads' 3 mm microfiber with chains or layer it with silk. Ultra microfiber suede is a nature friendly alternative to real suede. The more over, it is strong, durable, supple and oh là là … so soft; it can even be hand washed. This suede has no noticeable odor and will not crack or fray over time; it is a win-win for all your designs.


  • To attach a clasp you can either use a coil cord end or a folding-over cord end.
  • Personalize your pendant cord, stitch a little peyote tube to slide the pendant in place and decorate the tips with some seed beads.
  • When possible the ordered length is supplied in a single piece.
  • Before washing, testing for colorfastness is recommended.
  • Nylon 60 % – Polyester 35 %.
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3x1,2 mm, Ultra suede synthetic lace, dark burgundy red

Ultra microfiber suede lace – synthetic - 3x1,2 mm – dark burgundy red - 2,75 m
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